Sunday, October 26, 2014

Nomination Diaries: Curiosity and Hope

The nominated housemates had what could be their last diary sessions with Big Brother. Alusa was first up, telling Biggie he was curious who Nhlanhla had put up for eviction, because he is so unpredictable. He said he particularly enjoyed the Extravaganza tasks in the house, because it gave him a chance to be on stage. He told Biggie that it would not be his final diary session, but if he had to give final words it would be that he had given his best so far.

Nervous Ellah told Big Brother that on a scale of one to ten of safety she gave herself a five, because she felt she was up against strong and talented people. Her highlights included the tasks, and she hoped to be remembered for being happy, expressive and loving to everybody. Her parting words were to thank Africa, Big Brother and the team, telling her housemates to stay strong.

JJ told Biggie he felt relaxed and more prepared for this week. He thanked the fans and while ruminating on his time on the house and all he had learnt, he emphasised his relationship with Samantha, and said he hoped to be remembered as an entertainer. Laveda also wanted to be remembered for being entertaining, but she still had a lot to show Africa and there is also her relationship with Permithias to consider.

Permithias said a lot of jokes were going on around the house about the mysterious nominee, but no one had any clue. However, there were worries about exactly how many people would be leaving. Although he thought Laveda was "a cool girl" he was not happy with the term relationship. He enjoyed her attention, but it did not seem like he wanted to pursue anything serious with her.

M'am Bea enjoyed performing and being on stage, saying she had given it her all, but that there was more to come. If she had to go, she wanted to be remembered as a woman of substance with a big heart. The revealed nominees have made their peace with circumstances, but most are hoping for a little more time in the house. What are your predictions for tonight?

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