Saturday, October 11, 2014

Not For The Faint-Hearted

The majority of the housemates are adamant to keep up with Biggie's schedule in the house. The night of hard partying, dancing, drinking and little sleep did not keep the Hotshots from making it to this morning's exercise session, with the ever so energetic instructor- Reggie. 

Reggie took the housemates through different exercises, from Zumba to intense interval training. There was so much huffing and puffing that Reggie had to speak above so to audibly instruct the housemates. Housemates started off enjoying the Zumba moves, clearly and happily reminiscing about last night's dancing.

In no time they were divided into two groups- whilst one had to run the other has to squat. Reggie made sure that the housemates broke a sweat, not giving them a chance to step aside for a break. The exercise session was a gruelling one and not meant for the faint hearted. With high jumps involved, Frankie showed off how high a jump he could pull off and Nhlanhla gave him some competition on that.

Whilst some of the housemates were hard at work with Reggie, some were fast asleep (such as Alusa) and others went about their business- walking around the house and talking with their fellow housemates. Luis and Mira stayed awake in bed and one wonders what will happen to their 'relationship' after last night’s scandal. Mr. 265 and Trezagah had a good gossip session about Mira and her generous kisses of the previous night.

We are off to a fresh morning in Biggies house, Are you looking forward to more drama?

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