Sunday, October 26, 2014

On Samantha's Mixed Signals

JJ had nothing but Samantha on his mind last night. And being the guy he is, he basically couldn't remain quiet about it. According him Samantha was playing a game with him and confusing him with all her mixed signals.

It was nothing new, that JJ was madly in love with Samantha. He had always made it clear that he was into her. We also knew that Samantha, also aware that she was playing the game, was not about to be used as a pawn in JJ’s game. She expressed this to Idris in a conversation once.

JJ went to Ellah with his case, for a femal perspective we suspect. She told him the girl was complex and even more so in this house and in this game. Perhaps he shouldn't be so hasty with her rather waiting for them to be on the outside, far away from the camera's, to gain a better perspective.

He then took it to Alusa and Idris and told them he didn't want to play games with Samantha but she was becoming more confusing to him. Idris, still hung up over Goitse, simply told him to use his situation as an example and not walk into a trap. Alusa offered a more measured approach; to understand that Samantha was very aware of her position in the game and possibly didn’t want to present herself in that sort of light to on TV.

It appeared that both Samantha and JJ were suspicious that the other was playing games and thus couldn't bring themselves to trusting each other.

Do you think Alusa has a point,  is JJ really being played?

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  1. Yes.....and Samantha has the audacity to say Goitse is playing Idris...i gues she would know cz she doing the same thing with JJ