Tuesday, October 07, 2014

On Their Best Behaviour

Some of the housemates have been on a drinking spree since the alcohol was unleashed. It does not seem likely that these housemates will get any sleep tonight. The next day will surely prove to be challenging for them. However, some of the other housemates remained on their good behaviour; either retired to bed early or played it safe with the alcohol.

No one knows when Tayo went to bed but it was well before any of the drinking began. Macky2 turned in early following some push-ups on the floor. Kacey Moore and Resa snuggled up in bed in conversation over spoken word. Laveda singled herself out and spent time playing on her saxophone outside. Later she joined the drinking housemates, in conversation. Arthur, Idris, Samantha, Goitse, Sipe and Resa huddled up in two beds and shared jokes. They thoroughly had good laughs and enjoyed their evening. Luis was later seen meditating outside before he returned into the house.

Will these housemates keep up with their good behaviour or were they simply exhausted from the sleepless night before? Are they employing different strategies by staying away from alcohol and turning in early?

Whilst some housemates headed straight to bed, others continued in conversation, having being woken up by fellow housemates to join them. Permithias was successful in this case. Day 2 is soon upon them and it is only a matter of time before the housemates face another challenging day with Biggies twists and turns.  

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