Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Prepping To Stomp

It's yet another musical week for the housemates with their stomp dance task. In preparation for Wednesday night, Big Brother supplied the housemates with a selection of resources and tools in the garden. Housemates were tasked by Big Brother to create musical instruments for their task presentation. The goal was to create as many different instruments as possible, all producing different sounds.

To make things even more interesting, Big Brother told the Hotshots that they had to compose a score for Wednesday's presentation with their new instruments. A few housemates have proved that they have musical skills, but will they be able to apply them to a brand new instrument? They are going to have to tap into every last bit of creative reserve for this challenging task.

Housemates headed into the garden and were excited at what Biggie had set up for them. They immediately picked up various objects and started experimenting with them. Most housemates start banging away on sets of make-shift drums. Will they usurp Tayo, the king of drumming? A cacophany of sound soon filled the garden. Hopefully the housemates will bond over their common love for music and create smoother and cleaner sounds for their score.

Permithias seemed to have too much love for his guitar and headed to the kitchen, along with Ellah, JJ, and Butterphly, while the rest carried on with the music-making. Do you think the housemates will win their 100% wager this week?

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  1. Cant wait to see Goitse killing the dance moves.