Thursday, October 09, 2014

Resa's Eviction Blues

On Sunday night's Launch Show Housemates learnt that all but reigning Head of House Laveda would be up for a possible axing on this week's Live Show. Having only just set foot in Big Brother's lavish House, these news came as a shock.

Most Housemates had immersed themselves into the much anticipated experience of being a Housemate, paying little attention to their looming fate on Sunday. Most except for Resa, who passed her unease onto bosom buddy Sipe.

The pair seemed removed from the hustle and bustle this morning as they shared their jitters about possible upcoming Evictions. It was not the first time Resa had raised speculation since the announcement. The feisty Zambian poet even suggested that Biggie wouldn't dare kick anyone out after just one week.

Little did she know that Biggie always reserved that right to serve Housemates their marching orders.

Sipe seemed to have absorbed Resa's scepticism as her morning looked decidedly glum.

We reckon these two dames should chuck all that worrying out with the dish water and focus rather on showcasing their talent. After all is this not Big Brother Hotshots?

On the subject of imminent axing however, who do you think is likely to fall out of the spotlight this Sunday?

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