Monday, October 13, 2014

Samantha Wins Head Of House Task

Biggie was having fun taking things literally. Seeing as the housemates are cooped up in a house for 63 days with Africa watching 24/7, he thought it would be fun to put the five qualifiers for head of house - Tayo, Samantha, Nhlanhla, Kacey Moore and Alusa - into an actual coop.

The head of house task involved five chicken coops behind a big, mesh fence in the garden. The winners each had to enter a coop and wait for Biggie’s buzzer. Once it was sounded, they had to place ten eggs in the egg holders. However, these cups were on the other side of the mesh, making it a particularly tricky task.

Alusa was in the lead, but Tayo quickly caught up, as did Samantha, with the two others in hot pursuit. With the housemates not allowed to run around the fence or climb over it, they had to manoeuvre it through the mesh and a lot of their eggs fell to the ground. But they all kept their cool, losing a few eggs, but none of their marbles.

The rest of the housemates had a good time cheering them on, particularly as the competition got tighter and tighter. But it was Samantha who ended up winning, beating all the big, burly men around her.

This was a huge win for her, not just as the only woman amongst the qualifiers, but also as a member of the losing extravaganza team. She was elated at the win and can now breathe a sigh of relief. It was time for the rest of the housemates get nervous as the time for nominations drew closer and closer.


  1. Well done Sammy , SA proud of you my dear

  2. Well done babes make sa prod