Thursday, October 30, 2014

Shadow Dance/Stomp Extravaganza

This week's Extravaganza task has been announced and the theme is 'Shadow dance/stomp'. Biggie announced on Monday that housemates needed to begin applying their talents to unique and specialised genres of entertainment. It was on this message that he unleashed the next Extravaganza theme.

Big Brother wants the housemates to expand on yesterday's task performance and in addition, wants them to compose more music, add more dance routines and some new elements. The final productions of the Extravaganza is to be no more than 30 minutes. Biggie wants the housemates to create a story set in the Urban Jungle with themes that would be relatable and unique to that setting.

Housemates also need to incorporate a range of shadow dance elements into their stomp production. Biggie said that he will later provide housemates with an opportunity to see a small scale of Saturday's set, to get them inspired and thinking along the correct lines.

As per the demands of the Extravaganza and in keeping with the evolution of the Big Brother game, the head of house had to select members of his team and to facilitate this, Biggie sent his ninja in the house. The ninja came with the top hat which had all the housemates' names.

JJ proceeded to picking out names from the hat and one team was selected, yet again dividing the house into two. Soon after, a dice was rolled and the teams were each assigned a theme to work on for the Extravaganza performance.

JJ picked out the first ten names and these were to be members of his team. The head of house decided against joining what would be Team A and instead joined the members of the "left-over" team, which was to be Team B. JJ's change did however change things around but did not create much confusion.

When it came to rolling the dice, Tayo represented Team A and Ellah represented Team B. The dice was rolled and the themes for each team were finally determined.

Team A took the Downtown theme. Members are: JJ, Tayo, Sheillah, Mr. 265, Luis, Butterphly, Idris, Kacey Moore and Sipe.

Team B chose the Uptown theme: Members are: Nhlanhla, Samantha, Trezagah, Permithias, Ellah, M’am Bea, Goitse, Macky2, Arthur and Frankie.

The pressure is on again for this week, housemates have to work even harder as Biggie keeps on with challenging tasks. Are you looking forward to this week's Extravaganza? And which team do you think will win?

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  1. Cant wait for my gal Goitse to murder the dance moves....please honey dont hold back! Team B!!! The victory is yours!