Friday, October 24, 2014

Sipe Questions Arthur

In the early afternoon, Rwandan comedian Arthur and Malawian hair dresser Sipe spent some time on the couch trying to know more about each other but by the look of things, it's Sipe who took over the role of 'investigator' as she subjected Arthur to quite a number of questions, being the gentleman that he is, he responded positively to all of them.

It all started with Arthur asking the beautiful dame who her crush was in the house, she said that she had someone but she'd gotten over it.

We've come to know Sipe as an outspoken and very open minded housemate, she implored Arthur to tell her whether he led a luxurious lifestyle back home in Rwanda. Arthur in return said that even though he attended to more than one job, he was not in anyway lucking and that he was comfortably and decently living.

Sipe also inquired whether he was a mummy's boy and lived with his parents, Arthur replied that he’d long left home and was living by himself.

The 'interrogation' also extended to last time Arthur was in a romantic relationship and whether he had any ex-lovers.

Seems like Sipe is interested in the comedian, but we could be wrong. What did you make of the pair's heart-to-heart?

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