Monday, October 27, 2014

Stomp Teams Selected

In addition to the stomp performance task for Wednesday, Big Brother wanted the housemates to conceptualise a song for the performance. Teams had to be selected and Biggie's ninja entered the house with a barrel which contained the different coloured bandanas. Housemates were to each take a bandana from the ninja and this short activity determined the two teams that housemates would perform in on Wednesday evening.

In the respective teams, housemates were to start writing an Urban Grunge style song with "downtown struggle" as the main theme and a modern storyline about contemporary issues such as the struggle in the urban jungle. Biggie said that the song did not have to carry a message per se but that it had to be relatable and also had to include vocal harmonies. Biggie further advised the housemates to begin this task almost immediately, to have fun and "to keep it Grunge"!

Housemates soon began on the task, developed their ideas and in no time got singing. The mood in the house was slowing lightening up and some housemates, especially Trezagah, got excited by the new coloured bandanas. Their creative space soon and dinner was soon served. Head of House, JJ, was hard at work with ensuring that all were fed.

Housemates have again wagered a 100% this week and their loss of the wager last week clearly did not kill their confidence. Will they win this week's wager?

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