Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Successful Stompers

It was a moment filled with suspense, but the housemates delivered a successful task presentation winning another 100% wager, and they definitely needed it after the blow of last week's loss.

The Hotshots had been tasked with creating a stomp performance with a specific look and feel and including instruments they had made themselves and used to create an original score. Moments before they began, there was talk of last-minute changes, but luckily they realised it was too late and they had to stick to what they had prepared.

The dramatic lighting and insistent drumming set pulses racing and adrenaline pumping, as the housemates set up the stage for their performance. They were called into the lounge one last time, before heading back to the stage to remind Africa why they were Hotshots.

The Green Team got things going with great rhythm and rapping. Considering the odd objects they had to use for instruments, they did a fantastic job, with Trezagah impressing everyone with his rap. But they really worked together as a team making sure everyone had a chance to shine.

The Pink Team's stomp was introduced by Samantha's solo, followed by impassioned beating and chanting from the rest. It was an intense performance, filled with lots of energy.

The housemates certainly displayed creativity and diversity in the two different performances and it did a lot to lift their spirits, boosted even further by their win. What did you think of their performances?

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