Friday, October 17, 2014

Sure Win

Lilian and Esther were very bitter last week Sunday when they found out that they had lost the Extravaganza task. The loss had left a bitter taste in their mouths as the two ladies complained and blamed fellow team-mates for their loss. They took the turnout of events very personally and clearly pointed out which team members were responsible for their loss. However, this week they are certain that they will be the victors of the Extravaganza.

Whilst sitting outside in the garden and going over the script that JJ and Samantha finished for their team last night, Lilian, Esther and Laveda debated on who would make a perfect narrator for their show. After much calm deliberation, the ladies agreed that whoever was nominated for the role and whoever was interested in it, would have to audition for the group and from there, the best person would be selected for the benefit of the whole group.

Lilian and Esther reflected on the past week and considered how things had not gone down so well. Esther said that she wanted the best production as did Lilian who added that she wanted everyone to give their best as she would. The ladies admitted that they had messed up in the first Extravaganza as they had fought a lot during their practice sessions.

Lilian said that she had felt very horrible when they lost but could feel that they would definitely win the Bollywood Extravaganza. She said that they were doing so well and everything was perfect well in time (especially the script). Esther was happy that they were not even fighting and that they were "chilled" and felt confident about their performance.

Lilian and Esther felt very confident that they would do well as they did not have any amendments for their scripts. Esther expressed how she felt pressure from being nominated and Lilian advised her not to fret much about it but to rather choose to be happy.

Which team do you think will win the Extravaganza? The Silver team or the Gold team?

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