Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Talk On Trust

Just days after Big Brother spoke about trust in the diary room, Clint Brink was back in the house taking the housemates through a trust exercise.  He taught them about the importance of listening and trust skills during performance, telling them they needed to listen to each other, something which they have to do in the house as well.

Clint told the housemates to split into pairs, which took some time, leading him to remark: "clearly there are already trust issues here." As there were an uneven number of housemates, Sheillah partnered with Clint. The first exercise entailed half of the housemates closing their eyes and being led by their partner. 

Silence was emphasised and afterwards Clint told the housemates that "trust requires reciprocation". Stepping it up a level, he introduced a falling exercise, with housemates having to fall backwards with their eyes closed into housemates' arms. After Clint demonstrated, Alusa was eager to be the first to try, followed by Trezagah and Samantha.

The word association exercises were more revealing, with Sheillah being called bossy and Alusa showing a competitive streak, getting very upset when he made mistakes during the word games. But overall there was a jocular mood during their session with Clint, and the housemates handled their mistakes good-naturedly and had a lot of fun.

With Clint instructing them that during time spent on set or stage one must "put differences aside to make sure the objective was achieved" the housemates have been prepped with good advice for their extravaganza rehearsals.

The next exercise was even more intriguing, with the housemates being told to share intimate secrets with their partners. There was a bit of joking around, but just as much whispering in corners. Clint took the housemates through several valubale exercises today. Will they be able to apply the lessons of trust and listening to the game?

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