Sunday, October 05, 2014

Tanzania's Laveda Becomes The First HoH

Laveda's soothing saxophone performance has earned her the first Head of House title of the season.

Laveda played her saxophone with grace, immediately warming the hearts of the studio audience who expressed their appreciation with a generous 85% of the votes. Just as the housemates were settling into their brand new abode, Big Brother’s booming voice filled the house and as expected, that provoked a lot of excitement and the new members were simply uncontrollable.

Speaking of the various performances, Big Brother said some housemates had shone like stars while others still need a bit of scrubbing here and there.  It was when Big Brother mentioned that the top scoring housemate will win the title of HoH and the rest are up for possible eviction. The Top 6 Hotshots were Laveda 85%, Sabina 78.3%, Arthur 77.5%, JJ 72.6%, M'am Bea 72.5% and Lilian 69.4%.

M'am Bea, JJ and Lilian had the lowest votes of the six and Big Brother asked them to sit down. This left Laveda, Sabina and Arthur awaiting their fate, and it was Laveda's time to shine. This means that all the housemates are up for possble eviction this week excluding Laveda by virtue of being the HoH.

Once Big Brother was done with that big announcement, the housemates found it befitting to toast to their new Head of House.

This is how the housemates were rated by the live audience:
Laveda - 85%
Sabina - 78.3%
Arthur - 77.5%
JJ - 72.6%
M'am Bea:  - 72.5%
Lilian - 69.4%
Permithias - 68.3%
Frankie - 64.3%
Idris - 64.3%
Goitse - 64.2%
Alusa  - 61.0%
Samantha  - 61.0%
Resa  - 60.1%
Sipe   - 59.4%
Sheilla  - 59.3
Macky2  - 59.1%
Tayo   - 58.6%
Nhlanhla  - 58.5%
Luis  - 58.3%
Ellah - 54.6%
Kacey Moore  - 52%
Mira  - 47.8%
Mr. 265 - 45.9%
Esther  - 45.4%
Trezagah  - 45.3%
Butterphly  - 44.4%

Do you think Laveda will rise up to the challenge and lead the pack with ease during the first week of Hotshots?


  1. she will but with some challenges because she seems to be a bit nervous

  2. Hi there plz explain y 63 days what hapend to the 90 days there wnt b enough time to get to eachother when the action needs to start its gna end plz explain its nt our fault things went wrng plz dnt kill us like this

  3. Dat nice and were is lilian the nigeria

    1. It is 63 because they did nt start on time and they can't spend their chrismas there