Monday, October 06, 2014

Task: Creative Poster Designing

The first Wager Task was briefed in and in a battle to showcase their special talents, the aspiring Hotshots would have to brand themselves in creative poster.

Every Hotshots worth their talent didn't get there without hard work and shameless self-promotion. The Housemates were Tasked to don their artistic caps on, which shouldn't be hard for this talented bunch, and design a poster that captures their talent and why they deserve the adoration of countless fans.

Last night, during the Launch Show, the audience and viewers were treated to an exclusive talent show. Housemates were each challenged to out-perform each other to win over the over audience vote.

Laveda's alluring ballad on the saxophone surprised and impressed the crowd landing her the top-spot and bagging her the first Head of House position of the season.

She had most certainly become a factor in the game and competition to look out for.

Other outstanding performances included Sabina and Arthur's side-splitting stand-up comedy as well as M'am Bea's live fashion design. We reckon these acts scored points on originality.

This was an opportunity for those who may have lost their nerve on stage, like Frankie, or couldn’t quite impress. Talent simply doesn’t sell itself.

Singer Samantha, dancer Goitse, poet Resa found a work station and put their tools to good use. But they weren't alone as the rest were just as eager to sell themselves. The Housemates have wagered 100% for this task.

Entertainment is the name of the game, and talent is only a small part of the work done because, as the old saying goes, talent is nothing without hard work.

Who do you think has enough creativity to express their talent? We could only hope that their talent us matched with hard and smart work.

Remember, 25 housemates are up for possible eviction this week. Click here to vote for your favourite housemate.

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