Monday, October 06, 2014

Task: The Fire Drill

After rising from the ashes of a fire like a phoenix, Big Brother recognises the importance of following the safe route were a fire to break out, save from avoiding it of course.

As the new Housemates enjoy one another's company huddled over shared slices of golden French toast, it seems a feat that the moment is finally here. But the memory of the fire that pushed the Launch back isn’t quite such a distant memory.

While being a Hotshot comes with breaking some rules, health and safety rules are ones that Biggie won't abide any breaking of.   

First Head of House Laveda was given the Task Brief and read it out to the troops – mispronouncing a few names along the way - as they all geared themselves up for the onset of the drill.

In case of a fire, one needs to know where to duck a dive, and how to safely do so, and since this would be a week of firsts the time was ripe for a first fire drill.

For today's drill Housemates are given the Task of dousing the supposed fire that flares out in the garden. The source of the fire is the stove and at the sound of the siren Housemate must use the fire extinguishers to snuff out the flames.

In order to do this, Housemates must remove the pin, aim the extinguisher at the fire and push down the lever.

The Housemates were then to gather at the garden doors and wait patiently for them to be opened in order to exit the House safely, and because this was only a drill the doors were not opened.

In the event of a fire Big Brother would always lead the Housemates to safety via fire escape routes, should the ways of the drill not apply. 

The siren went off and sure enough Housemates followed suits. Who knew it would be so easy to avoide a fire? Now as we wait for the first Wager to kick start the game.

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