Monday, October 20, 2014

Task: Haute Couture

This week's task focuses on the fashion and beauty industry, exploring the various aspects of haute couture (meaning high fashion). Housemates have been instructed to design a hairstyle and outfit that best suit the term.

Big Brother will provide the housemates with sketch pads and stationery to start their designs and conceptualisations. To make it all the more challenging they have been told to think outside the box and steer clear of runway conventions. At a later stage, Big Brother will provide props and other equipment which the housemates can utilise.

Nhlanhla jumped into his leadership role as Head of House, suggesting they start with their designs, then discuss them and provide constructive criticism. Alusa said he could not sketch, but offered to work on the descriptions and stories behind the ideas, which Nhlanhla encouraged, telling those who did not feel comfortable sketching, to write instead. He highlighted that Trezagah, Kacey Moore and M'am Bea were on hand to assist them with sketching.

The new Head of House guided his housemates, suggesting ideas and motivating them to think big and work together, allowing everyone to contribute to the process. Ideas slowly started coming out, as they considered drawing inspiration from nature, as well as African elements.

As a fashion designer who has already impressed us with her talent and skill, we're intrigued to see what M’am Bea will come up with. Idris, with his constantly-changing look, should also produce something interesting. Whose design are you looking forward to seeing?

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