Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Task: The Look Matters

In light of the performance of Wednesday's task, Big Brother has given housemates all necessary props to ensure that they were more than enabled to produce a satisfactory performance of their task. At the end of the day, it is up to the housemates to make sure that they give the task their all as they again wagered a 100%, despite a loss of the wager last week. The hotshots were clearly confident!

Big Brother issued out word through head of house, JJ, and told the housemates that they were provided with additional props for the evening performance. He reminded the housemates that Stomp performers had a certain look about them. He told them that they should start thinking about how they would make sure that they looked the part in the evening.

In the storeroom, Biggie had provided items that the teams would use for their performances. He told them that the stage would be set up in the garden and that housemates would be given sufficient time prior to the presentation to assemble their instruments on stage. JJ reiterated in the note from Biggie that they were expected to give the 100% that was wagered on Monday morning.

And with that said, Housemates headed to the store room and picked out the items they would use. Hotshots gravitated to their individual teams and work on the evening's performance began.

Do you think the housemates will win their 100% wager for this task?

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