Thursday, October 09, 2014

Task: Musical Extravaganza

Housemates received their first Extravaganza brief. Each week Big Brother will give Housemates a Task in which the talented group can work as a team and shine as a collective.

The first week's theme is a 'musical'. While Housemates needed to understand what the concept of a musical entailed, their musicals are to take inspiration from famous Broadway or West End performances complete with clear story lines, protagonists, antagonist and heroes.

This was no small Task, especially seeing as it is a brand new undertaking. So it was no surprise that when soft-spoken leader Laveda read the brief out to the eager bunch there were those who grasped it and those who were left grasping at straws. Tempers were sure to flare up.

For the Extravaganza, Housemates have to split into two teams and come up with an entertaining concept for a unique and original production based on a theme given by Biggie. Housemates have until Saturday afternoon to craft, rehearse and perfect an Extravaganza piece fit for the Extravaganza theatre.

With all the commotion Big Brother had to step in and instruct Housemates to divide themselves up into two teams. Team separation was up to Laveda, as HoH.

As each waited to make the cut, we wondered what special criteria Laveda adopted to pick her team. Laveda was at an undoubted advantage but we had to ask ourselves whether she chose team members based on wit or whim.

Either way, each group has to write a script and music score and create sets and props if needed, to impress a tough audience: Africa. This is the twist.

Africa will be the judge. Each week viewers will vote for their favourite performance and the winners announced on the live eviction show on Sunday. Winners will bag immunity for the following week.

This immunity however will not apply when the Head of House has to add to nominations on Monday night.

Biggie reminded them again that the hearts to win over were those of the viewers.

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