Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Task: The Next Big Thing

Briefed on their next task, Biggie wasn't making things easy for the housemates. Instructed to compose new works of art, he asked them to make a list of any instruments or props they may need for their performance.

Whatever their talent, Biggie said he wanted fresh material: new poems from the poets, original songs from the singers and freshly-choreographed pieces from the dancers. If these housemates want to be hotshots, they have to prove they've got what it takes.

Confusion reigned as the housemates asked Laveda to repeat the task instructions, wondering what they would do if they were models or presenters. Tension crept in as Laveda said she thought it was more of a musical-oriented show, leaving those not musically inclined somewhat disgruntled.

Nevertheless, they got into the spirit of things, clapping and drumming on the dining table, while Esther, Ellah and Luis started swaying their hips in a combined dance. They forgot it was not a group effort and also spent a lot of time talking about what they were going to do, instead of doing it. Practise is integral to performance, and the housemates may have been taking it too easy, dreaming about red carpets and stars emblazoned with their names.

Whatever they end up showing Africa, this task will give the housemates another chance to show off their talents. The house is turning into the platform the representatives said they were seeking, but now it’s up to them to earn their spot on the stage.

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