Saturday, October 11, 2014

The After-Party Action

DJ Xclusive left last night's Channel O party on a high note, as matter of fact he left things on a soaring note. The housemates kicked their heels off, unbuckled their belts and turned and inglorious but entertaining page.

All that dancing certainly brought the other side out. Some couples paired off into their corners while the rest got rather comfortable in each other's company.

The awesome foursome Nhlanhla with Sheillah and Mira with Luis – at least we thought – got the after party off to a scandalous start. Kisses flowed as much as the drinks and some took the heat out of the dance floor and into the house.

Lilian's twerking, although pretty harmless, attracted the attention of one Alusa who would, every so often, flip an innocent gesture or a hug on its head. But Lilian kept the spiky-haired lad safe inside the friend zone far from any sort of trouble.

Idris' crush on Goitse ripened as he nestled into her neck like a puppy and teased at kiss. He fished and fished but she never did catch the bait. A tough cookie that Goitse but she let him down easy.

Sipe had to be carted to bed after one too many and Trezagah was the man on that mission. Not only did he lay here on her bed, he was kind enough to help her out of her clothes into her pyjamas.

There was no shortage of tender love and care last night. We have to hope that there were also no regrets on the proverbial morning after.

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