Thursday, October 09, 2014

The Brotherhood

Morning is always a good time to reflect. Budding best buds Kacey Moore and Permithias, who often gravitate towards each other, sat down for a heart-to-heart.

Delicate crooner Kacey seems to be rubbing off on a cavalier Permithias as they both open up about brotherhood and what it means to them. It must be all of that emotive carolling they've been enjoying. 

Nhlanhla joined the brotherhood and the conversation took a philosophical turn. Weighing on everything from self-determination to strategies and blooming romances in the House, the boys wandered into a speculation about likely tensions bubbling under.

Following a rewarding Task Presentation last night, Nhlanhla noticed a colder side to some of the girls who, he reckons, may have less than flowery ideas about some of the boys. He suggested that some of the girls may be looking for relationships, which is all well and good, but they shouldn't assume that of all of the boys.

This is an interesting remark when we considered his dalliance with Sheillah.

They also agreed that while competition was always healthy, Tayo's recent comments could raise eye-brows and spark friction. After last night's Task Presentation Tayo made comments suggesting he wouldn't be averse to silencing all hate and stepping on his enemies given the chance.

Nhanhla wondered if it was all worth playing dirty to stand out in the eyes of other Housemates and viewers.

Have you picked up on some questionable strategies? 

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