Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Cheese Fight

Right after their Bollywood extravaganza presentation, some housemates had time to relax around in the garden and talk about how the presentation went while others were in the kitchen.

Moments later, all what was heard was noise and those who were outside scampered to the kitchen where Nhlanhla  and Mr. 265 were fighting over cheese! It's said that a few days ago Nhlanhla harassed Esther for hoarding bread and when it got finished days later, all of a sudden, they saw Nhlanhla coming with bread which  he shared with  his lady love Sheila claiming that he had got it from the storeroom. When this landed into Mr. 256's ears, he spluttered to life heading to the kitchen to make himself as much food as he could with a lot of cheese.

It was at this point that Nhalanhla told Mr. 265  that he was playing with the cheese a thing Mr. 265 denied and exploded telling him how he hoards food for his use only and all what happened next was everything  snowballing as the argument erupted.

Sheillah pushed Nhlanhla away from Mr. 265 as she realised things were about to go out of hand. They moved outside where Sheillah sat her man down but still the argument went on. Trezagah defended Mr. 265 saying Nhlanhla was lying and changing the story because he was there, he saw everything and Mr. 265 was not playing with the cheese.

However, in his explanation, Nhalanhla said that he hates to see people wasting food and that is why he had to talk to Mr. 265. The rest of the housemates intervened and they continued deliberating on food stashing and wastage.

Tayo said to Nhlanhla, "The food in this house is not the one your country fought for, it's the one that Big Brother gave us to eat, so let people cook as much food as they want."

During one of his recent Diary session, Nhlanhla revealed how much he loves to eat and that he also stashes some food to make sure he has something to cook. Though housemates seem to agree that the stashing away of food should stop, we can only wait and see what happens when they receive their next supply of food.


  1. Nhlanhla is a disgrace..

  2. Please editor, don't mis-represent what Tayo said here! Tayo gave that response to Nhlanhla when Nhlanhla said, The food in the house was the food "His country" fought for! Nhlanhla, your arrogance will lead you no where, take several seats I beg!

  3. Nhlanhla is such a disgrace indeed. I think his size may be affecting his brain!