Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Early Risers

Mr. 265 and JJ are the house's early risers and one hopes that the housemates recognise and appreciate their early morning efforts. Mr. 265 is often the first housemate to resurrect and from the moment he is out of bed, he begins cleaning the house, getting rid of yesterday's mess.

The Malawian gentleman has made this his morning ritual since the early days of having entered the house. JJ usually rises after Mr. 265 and immediately joins in the morning cleaning ritual.

The two gentlemen have stayed true to their morning duties - they clean the house on their own, without rousing anyone from their sleep and they don't complain about keeping the house clean. When the housemates finally wake up, they wake to a spotless lounge area and we wonder if they perhaps think Biggie has private help that comes in early to clean the house.

When Biggie's bell rings to wake the hotshots, the two gents are often done with their cleaning and from there they quickly dash off to make their beds and ready for the morning session. Could we conclude that Mr. 265 and JJ are the most committed hotshots in the house or have they just been brought up well?

Today's gym instructor, Rosa, came into the house right on time as the cleaning was done. She entered the bedroom to gently wake the sleeping housemates that ignored Biggie's bell. Most got up and dragged themselves to the clean lounge area where the routine was executed. Advised not to make their beds nor brush their teeth, Hotshots were soon huffing and puffing away.

The housemates should surely be grateful for Biggie's early risers that always make sure that the lounge area is cleaned every morning! Who do you think is the most dedicated hotshot in the house?

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