Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Final Rehearsal

As the time for the presentation approached, the housemates were not showing the collaborative effort Big Brother desired. Scattered about the house, some were hard at work, while others seemed less concerned about the imminence of the presentation.

During the diary sessions, Laveda was hard at work on her saxophone and M'am Bea with her bold designs. JJ and Arthur were busy on the keyboard, with other housemates bustling about prepping costumes for the night.

As the clocked ticked, counting down the time for the opening act, it started to look like things were finally coming together. Ellah, Esther, Butterphly, Samantha and Mira had plenty of energy going through their dance routine; and the men were soon on hand to do their part as well. Before long they were all rehearsing outside, creating a vivid picture with their brightly-coloured dress rehearsal.

Big Brother expects 100% effort from every housemate in order to win the 100% wager. The housemates are energised and have an excited audience waiting for their performance. Will they live up to expectations and win the wager? We'll have to wait till the curtain goes up.

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