Thursday, October 09, 2014

The 'Intellectuals' Vs The 'Artists'

If we go by Luis' observation, can we settle on distinguishing the teams according to their strengths (or weaknesses)? Can we assume that the team Laveda picked for the extravaganza piece is made up of artists and that the remaining housemates that formed the other team constitute intellectuals?

Luis said that the HoH divided the teams according to talent and skill. He said that Laveda picked Hotshots that could play instruments and that could sing and concluded that the competition would be between the musically-gifted and the not so musically-gifted. Nhlanhla (belonging to the "intellectuals") said that his team would really have to dig deep within themselves in order to come out with a really good musical for the extravaganza.

Trezagah, who belongs to the "intellectuals" as well, said that his group is less talented where stage performance is concerned. He said that the good actors, singers and instrumentalists were selected into Laveda’s group and admitted that they were faced with a big challenge. Ellah said that housemates were already getting secretive about the conversations emanating from their groups but loved the challenge. She sees a perfect opportunity for her group to show their strength as "great thinkers" and is confident that they will win.

Whilst Alusa is convinced that Laveda made perfect selections, Goitse is ambivalent as she worries that her group may lose track of things with the many ideas that they have. Sipe says that the "artists" will be sorry and shocked on Saturday!

How do you think things will play out at the extravaganza? Will the "intellectuals" win immunity or will it be the "artists"?

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