Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Midnight Song

When night fell the housemates came out to play. Clad in their briefs, boxers and boy shorts the housemates got comfortable after supper and gathered around the lounge for some late night banter.

While some burned the midnight oil labouring away at their task pieces, others seemed burnt out from a day of hard work and preferred a bottle of something refreshing to go with their toiling.

Some of the girls practised their hip-shaking and rear-dropping as Alusa preached something or the other about restroom etiquette.

Ms Uganda, Ellah, and Kacey Moore closed the evening off with an intimate romantic ditty while Sabina cracked yet another joke for good measure. The usually composed beauty queen sang an enchanting ode to the object of her affections. We wonder who the lucky person might be.

On the other end of the house Nhlanhla and Mira learn that they have something in common. They both attended college in the same area and could've met but didn't. Sheillah promptly muscled in to mark her territory as the drinks flowed and flowed.

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  1. Tayo's just gonna hit kacey, make I'm leave ellah