Monday, October 13, 2014

The Morning After

Returning to the house, vocal coach RJ Benjamin took the housemates through more vocal exercises.  He told them they had been improving, before going through the more technical aspects of music and singing, something which the housemates should surely have appreciated. But there was an air of distraction amongst them. Between evictions, nominations and the Green Pepper team dealing with the blow of their extravaganza loss, the expressions on most faces were not as bright and sunny as the day.

Nevertheless, they powered through their exercise, and RJ had a lot of positive feedback for them, which the housemates needed after an emotional night. Ironically, everything he told them about their singing was advice that could be applied to the game. "Stay focused," he told Laveda, after she became the first songbird of the morning. He started to give each housemate a turn to perform for him, providing notes during the process.

Testing their range and sampling new genres, it looked set to be another musical week for the hotshots. Macky2 was reluctant to let go of rapping, but Permithias took to his genre-change with zeal; while Sheillah's song was met with applause. Once RJ left, Permithias, Frankie and Laveda continued practicing. It looked like these housemates were taking the "hotshot-in-the-making" part of the game seriously. If there were to be more tasks hinging on talent, they would need to make the most of all the guidance they received, and cram in as much training as they could.

The week started and the housemates were already dealing with twists, turns and tension in the house like never before. Will it be another week of song and dance, laced with kisses and clashes, or does Biggie have something else in store?

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