Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The Need To Stand Out Mounts

Any and every story is brought to life by the characters that inhabit it; their quirks, their lingo, their impulses and general nature.

The tone is often set from the beginning and at the risk of being misunderstood people either put themselves on display or leave a little to the imagination. There is no doubt, however, individuality is important to the Hotshots.

It may have been early in the game but our radars were buzzing at the various personalities that were already vying for centre stage. We had to ask ourselves what roles were playing out and whether strategies were already creeping out of the woodwork.

Day 2 landed us square in the battle of the Hotshots with Housemates priming their talents and carving out their performance pieces for Task Presentation. The need to stand out was mounting.

As such Housemates were either taking the lead, rebelling, pulling pranks, telling jokes, flying under the radar, bent over guitars or stoves and generally cooking up a hearty serving of talent to impress Biggie and viewers watching. The emotions got the better of some.

During a heated pow-wow around the performance Task, JJ took – more like seized – the reigns for Head of House Laveda in a bid to steer the discussion. His intentions backfired when Tayo and others dismissed his efforts.

From the moment he walked into the House it seems Permithias' M.O was to stand out, and stand out he has with all his crooning and guitar-strumming and most recently pranking of Lillian. The guy loves the spotlight, that’s for sure!

A tall, dark and handsome cup of good looking, Tayo could be seen ambling about the House throwing compliments at the ladies and sparking harmless debate for texture. Luis was a similar flirty beverage often found at the centre of all the talk about love and relationships.

Alusa and Lillian were both unmatched in their quirk and charm. It had been an especially challenging day for Lillian's vocal chords, which were burnt to a dry high-pitched crisp after last night's merriment. With energy like no other Alusa had proven himself to be a team player.

Romance doesn't seem to be too far off the horizon with sparks already flying between the chatty Nhlanhla and Sheillah.

Can you predict any romances? Any budding friendships? Who do you think is going to be this week Hotshot? 

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