Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Other Version Of Goitse

Last night was Goitse's turn to reveal an eye of the tiger and a thrill of the fight. Finally we saw Goitse loosen her pony tail and come out to play.

After beating the living day lights out of that drum and feeling inspired to stomp she emerged a fiery seductress version of herself. She then cooked up a spicy meal as a reflection of her spicy disposition maybe; the very spicy meal that had Idris complaining about indigestion after his barrage of chores.

But while Idris sulked and expressed regret over falling for Goitse, he couldn't have been further from her mind. Singing at the top of her voice and flexing her sensual moves for the mirror she was in her element.

Goitse always insisted that she was into older men so last night it wasn't surprising to see her flirt with Frankie. What really was surprising was to see the temptress come out so effortlessly when all along poor Idris had been trying so terribly hard.

She challenged Frankie to a particularly heated stare down from which the guy backed down in the end. She then later joined the group of girls that Idris was sitting with, only to hand him the complete cold shoulder. Unable to handle it Idris removed himself from the situation.

If this was a sign of things to come we're curious to see more of this version of the lass. 

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  1. Goitseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....Luv you gal...and it seems um not the only one...the attention you are getting from this page....hahahahaha!!!!!!! The sooner pips stop playing matchmaking...the better!! let her be...let her flirt with huever!!!!!! team Goitse...goitse til day 63!