Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The Scramble For Alcohol

Housemates scrambled to get themselves some alcohol after Big Brother announced the release of alcohol. Permithias, Macky2, Alusa, Esther, Nhlanhla and others quickly gathered outside the store room to grab the drinks. Esther started screaming for the alcohol and sang Biggie's praises for the supply of cigarettes and alcohol. And with that, the house's smoker was revealed.

Fun and games soon ensued as the housemates gathered in the lounge in high spirits. Esther quickly developed a loose tongue and started dirty talk. The housemates started asking each other personal and sexually-orientated questions, with each gulp of their liquor in hand. It seems that the housemates quickly became intoxicated with Permithias taking off his shorts and walking around with only his underwear on.

Sabina took control of the game played as she had everyone write a question for a housemate and had it placed in her basket. Each housemate would pick out one piece of paper from the basket and pose the question to the relevant housemate. Sabina and Permithias were clearly fighting for the spotlight, as each made sure to have their voice rise above the other's in a bid to coordinate the game.

The lounge area was thick with conversation, laughter and jovial voices. Housemates did not show signs of turning in early or working on their set tasks. None seemed interested in Biggies announcement of the availability of hot water. When Biggie's voice returned to announce the end of shower-hour, no one seemed phased either.

It will be interesting to watch how some of the housemates will cope (or not cope) with resurrecting the next morning and participating in the morning session.

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