Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Trezagah Coming Out Of His Shell

Since the housemates entered the Big Brother house, we have not heard much of Trezagah's voice. He has kept to himself, quietly observing and listening to the rest of the housemates. Whilst this could have been read as a strategy from his side, he soon let us in later on Day 1, on why he has closed himself up in his shell.

In the diary session of Day 1, Trezagah told Big Brother that the reason he has kept to himself is due to the language barrier.  He said that his home language is Portuguese and in as much as he can converse in the English language, he found it hard to interject conversations with his views. He admitted that this could potentially work against him in the house.

The Mozambican rapper is slowly coming out of his shell as he engages some housemates and even share some cheerful moments. Earlier today he had a chat with Tayo and staged a talk-show with him. As the talk-show host, Trezagah interviewed Tayo about his performance for tonight and laughed through their short segment.

Finally the rapper is stepping out of his comfort zone, sharing himself with the housemates and as well embracing and learning about them. Will this come up in the next diary room session with Biggie? Will Trezagah have something to share with Biggie in terms of who he is developing friendships with?

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