Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Trezagah's Love Story

The show is hotting up and every new day comes with new exciting things, Trezagah's openness this morning is one of those new things one can notice. It's probably long over due but all the same, at least he's starting to share more about his life especially on the outside.

The Mozambican rapper has for the past three weeks been generally laid back, taking his time to study other characters in the house and seems like he's finally found the right people to relate to and confide in.

This morning, he spent some good time chatting with Idris and dished out to him about how they met with his baby mama and how the relationship resulted into a son. He revealed that he initially took things slow with her, treated her like diamond and was a little different from other guys.

"One day I went to her place and she expected me to sleep over but I didn't. When I was leaving, I gave her a kiss on the cheek but she maybe expected me to do more. I treated her like Diamond," he narrated adding that she must have been surprised by his actions which were different from other men.

Trezagah continued revealing how the relationship lasted for eight months and they broke up but got back later and it resulted into a son. "The first kiss was great," he said amid laughter.

It's good to see Trezagah continually coming out of his shell.

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