Sunday, October 12, 2014

Two Hotshots To Be Evicted Today

Today is the first eviction show and two Hotshots will be sent packing back to their home countries. It will be interesting to witness who will be the first two housemates to bid farewell to Biggie's luxurious house and how the rest of the housemates will take it.

The Hotshots do not at all phased by the looming eviction show. Could it be that they are all feeling confident about their status of being 'forces to be reckoned' with in the house? It seems that the house is filled with easy flowing conversation. Sheillah talks non-stop along with Tayo, Lillian and Esther. JJ's face displays a trace of anxiety, perhaps his tummy is in knots, anxious about the turn-out of this evening's eviction show.

Alusa and Arthur are having a good laugh, mimicking Biggie's voice when he evicts one of the housemates. Idris is still the happy-chappy that giggles at his own silliness. He unites in song with Tayo whilst Lillian gets up to dance to their collaboration. Notably, the house is less noisy and happy this afternoon. Things are indeed about to get twisted tonight.

Biggie told the housemates that not only are two Hotshots up for eviction tonight, the winners of the Extravaganza will be announced. The winning team will win immunity from Nominations and this means that all the members of the team that loses will be eligible for nominations and this includes the HoH who becomes eligible for nominations as from today as her reign ends.

Soon housemates have to nominate each other for the upcoming week's evictions. Things are quickly changing in the house and perhaps we will not see the housemates being as relaxed as they seemingly are. How do you feel about tonight?

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  1. Now in the game for the remaining housemates