Monday, October 27, 2014

Vocal Singing Exercises‎

This morning, vocal coach and musical genius RJ Benjamin paid the housemates yet another visit. In a bid to brush up and refine their performance styles and the sound of their voices, housemates were taken through the do's and don'ts of live performance.

With a worldly range of musical experience and insight RJ Benjamin schooled the aspiring Hotshots on the nuances of live and unaccompanied performance. He explained to them that to achieve an effective and unblemished delivery on the microphone it was important to remain calm and comfortable with the microphone.

Housemates proceeded to take their turn and at the stand where RJ Benjamin gave each one-on-one notes on how to handle their vocal ranges for as flawless a delivery as is possible. What they also needed to understand was that while to a general audience might not be able to tell the difference, a trained ear is more to likely to pick it up.

All in all, paying attention to the details here, was what separated raw talent from professional talent, the small boys from the big boys as it were.

Permithias was first up and sang effortlessly while Kacey Moore recited a poem with a message. Sheillah and Frankie also serenaded with their sweet singing.

While it wasn't every housemate that was a singer, these tips on microphone etiquette were priceless for anyone looking for their big break. Remember luck is when opportunity meets preparation so Hotshots were better off fine tuning their talents.

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