Sunday, October 12, 2014

Week One Roundup

Just as the sun nestled behind the clouds this morning the Housemates enjoyed a late morning snuggle under the covers, and after the week they had perhaps the rest was well deserved.

The aspiring Hotshots made it through the first week of their reign as housemates, but it wasn’t without a heart serving of ups, downs, thrills and shrills.

Speaking of hearty servings, the housemates seem to have depleted their stocks and were quickly running out of food. Something they clearly thought would last forever, but Biggie always promoted accountability when it came to running the house fairly and keeping things in order.

As they suffered through their first sustenance woes, we thought we would take a Sunday saunter down memory lane and cast out minds back to the first Hotshots week that was.

On last week's launch show we enjoyed a talent show in which the Hotshots gave us a taste of, we would come to learn, their many talents. Sabina and Arthur issued a barrel of chuckles with their stand-up comedy but it was Laveda who stood out and stole the show with her stellar musicianship on the saxophone.

She blew the socks off the studio audience who scored her highest out of all the acts. This earned her first head of house right off the trough, setting the game into motion.

Then they were given their first task. They had to advertise their individual talents in a poster and later craft a performance piece all in a bid to introduce themselves as the ultimate Hotshots package.

While the likes of Mr. 265 were nervous about the ambitious 100% wager, it was most rewarding when they eventually won Biggie over.  

First win

Housemates seemed to be getting on like a house on fire with many cliquing and coupling up. Permithias and Kacey Moore formed something of a brotherhood as they shared a similar guitar style and effortlessly made music together.

But this is the battle for the Hotshots and the competition between housemates is rife. We reckon competition is healthy and were entertained by what turned out to be the little housemates were willing to say, sing, dance or do to stand out.

Permithias became the first to stir and cause mischief. What seemed to be a harmless, although inflated, ego at first turned out be a tactless prankster - well so Lilian thought. Not surprising seeing as she was victim to it.

After implying that a 'used' condom belonged to Lilian, Permithias failed to see what the fuss was all about but apologised none the less.

Then there was the first extravaganza task brief in, which ruffled more than a few feathers and threw the game into a higher gear. Housemates had to split into two teams and each had to create a musical. As head of house Laveda had to choose teams. Some thought her selection gave her team an unfair advantage and this caused a divide.

Hers was the team of 'artists' while the other team called themselves ‘intellectuals’. In other parts of the house however, housemates called Laveda’s team the ‘dream team’ and the other the ‘village team’ – which was telling. Either way each team put in the hours. We just had to wait and see which team would come out on top and immune from possible eviction.

During a bout of terse rehearsals Biggie dropped the first ever Hotshots sound track which was a recording of a song the housemates jammed on their first night in the house, called Big Brother is Watching Over Us. Sheillah and JJ were especially elated as they could here themselves over the speakers.

But the party presented a welcome moment to exhale and boy did they housemates kick back and make merry. This was deliciously easy with the help of a sizzling playlist from DJ Xclusive.

First party

It was the antics that ensued after the party that really raised the heat as housemates wound it all the way up. It seemed after a spicy drink or two the gorgeous Mira had a lot of love to share as she planted a kisses on both Luis and her buddy Nhlanhla.

First kiss

While we reckon this bothered Sheillah, who was the supposed 'wife' of Nhlanhla, she protested that she wasn't affected by it at all. These couples succeeded in providing the first – and second – kiss, the first love triangle and the first scandal. Do they deserve a medal or what?

A new couple that often flew under the radar was Idris and Goitse. The dancer from Botswana sure stole Idris' heart. 

First birthday

Finally Macky2 was the first housemate to celebrate his birthday in the house. He was doubly treated to a cake from Biggie and a lap dance from leading twerkster Lilian.

He also seemed to have sparked a connection with the cheeky Esther who wins first to be nick named in the house with her alias 'Small Pepper'.

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