Saturday, October 11, 2014

Which Group Will Win The Extravaganza?

Is it the 'intellects' or the 'artists'? Laveda's group or Sheillah's group? Which of the two teams (however you may distinguish them apart) is ready to walk away as winners on tonight's extravaganza?

After breakfast, the housemates stalled and spent some time talking with each other. This whiling away of time without any work put into their productions was worrying. However, just before midday, the two teams eventually grouped up and resumed practices for tonight's show.

The teams have been hard at work since. By the looks of things, both teams have been enjoying themselves and having fun as they rehearse their performances. However, the faces of Mira and M'am Bea are not convincing that Sheillah's team is having the time of their lives. Perhaps the events of last night are catching up with them.

Laveda's team is graced by instrumentalist, dancers, singers and actors- it is rich with talent! Will this team be able to coordinate all of this talent to produce an all-round musical that reflects all the talent? Or will Sheillah's group surprise Africa by bringing out unknown talents onto the stage? For now we wait in great anticipation for the show tonight.

Who do you think is ready for broadway tonight? Which team is your favourite so far?

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  1. loving dis girl esther,her accent is so so funny