Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Worried Sheillah

One thing is for sure: Sheillah is incredibly worried about eviction night at the end of the week. Speaking to Nhlanhla in the kitchen, she expressed her concerns with him, saying she was worried because she was up against six strong men.

Most of the housemates continued training outside, defeating the purpose of their workout by chomping on the cookies Nhlanhla baked last night. M'am Bea gave up on the weights and re-joined Kacey Moore in the bedroom for a chat. The latter proudly shared photos of his family. Sharing family memories, the conversation lasted a long time between the two Ghanaian housemates. It looked like they are forming a strong bond, but how long will it last?

JJ definitely wanted to be the strongest housemate, both mentally and physically, pumping weights long after most of the others had abandoned the idea. Trezagah was coming out of his shell more and more, chatting to Idris about his love conquests in life. Tayo was also in good spirits, singing merrily as he got ready for the day.

But all housemates are treading more carefully after last week's strikes and high emotion. What will this week bring? Will we see more fights, romance and drama? JJ and Mr. 265 were already at odds in the kitchen. Are housemates harbouring resentment about who does the most cooking? But the housemates have learnt their lesson after Samantha and M'am Bea's transgression, but when the pressure is on, who knows what will happen. With the title of sneakiest housemate in the balance as well, perhaps housemates will try to get along more for Biggie's sake. Only time will tell, and when there's food involved with these housemates we never know what will happen.


  1. Sheilllah honey...just relax! u aint going nowhere on Sunday....Frankie and Kayce are the ones leaving!

  2. My Sheilla pls apologise to Nhlahla u too are love birds ,go back to berverly hill.Candy Bots.