Sunday, October 26, 2014

Yet Another Eviction Night

IK is back on stage for another thrilling eviction night! Five females – Resa, Mira, Esther, Lilian and Sabina – have been evicted so far. This week three women – Ellah, Laveda and M'am Bea – and four men – Alusa, JJ, Macky2 and Permithias – have been nominated. Will the pattern of female evictees repeat itself tonight or will we see some of the males leave the house?

It has been an eventful week filled with drama, tears and more than a few fights. Big Brother also had occasion to dish out several strikes. The first couple went to Samantha and M'am Bea for discussing their nominations, which is viewed as a form of conspiracy and not allowed in the house. The third went to Idris for breaking a door in a furious rage on Friday night.

This week was also the first time housemates lost a task. Although they pulled off the task with flair, their poor behaviour towards the make-up tutors lost them the wager. But Biggie, in his kindness, gave the housemates a chance to redeem themselves. Showing Big Brother that they could work together he assigned them a new task, which they completed successfully and saw them win back their luxury budget.

Sunday morning was thus spent shopping again, amidst time spent preparing for the eviction show. Nominated housemates started packing, and fretting as well, wondering if they would get the chop tonight and leave the house.

Another concern was wondering who was put for eviction by Head of House Nhlanhla. Macky2 is in for a surprise tonight, but will he be evicted? Stay tuned to find out who will go home.

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