Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Light Moment

A few of the bromance boys - Macky2, Mr. 265 and Tayo – had another one of their chats, joined by Sipe this time round. They spoke about the way Africa perceived them in the house. They stressed that they could not be one person inside the house and another person on the outside, as this would just confuse Africa. This was, incidentally, the same thing Idris had told Figgie during a diary room session.

Macky2 agreed that although you should not be two different people, it was important in professional situations to keep emotions in check. However, Tayo said that if he was angry, he wanted to be honest with his emotions and express them.

Stating that if he became a celebrity and was having a bad day, he would be honest with fans who approached him. If he did not want to smile when he was feeling down, he felt it would be fake to do so, and he would rather explain how he was feeling.

He was rebuffed by Macky2 who said that if there was a whole line of people clamouring to meet him, especially at a busy event, he would not be able to tell every person his story; and in a bad mood he would not want to. It takes a lot to be a celebrity, attendant with stress and hard work. Do you think the Hotshots have what it takes?

The mood in the kitchen was a little less serious with Ellah whipping together Bloody Marys and improvising a silly song for Biggie. She merrily sang that they missed him, but they loved Figgie too, who Ellah said was the little devil on her shoulder. Nhlanhla joined in joking that the longer Figgie stayed the better. Do you miss Biggie too, or do you want Figgie to stay?


  1. Figgie should go.I don't like the voice

  2. She shud go,we've heard enuf of her.she is now crossin the boundaries.

  3. I don't like this Figgie thing at all! Her voice is a bit annoying!!

  4. Figgie does not favour anybody she treats everybody equally that is why I like her.

  5. i dont think it was a right decision introducing the voice so called figgie

  6. Figgie is unkind to d housemates she is not like biggie.I miss u biggie