Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Mother's Love

Ellah woke up this morning primed to please. She knew that at any moment someone from home was going to come for her family freeze task. She made sure to keep her space and pathway clear so that when family came they would be in clear view. As she did her laundry in the morning, however, little did she know that her mother was around the corner just waiting to see her.

The moment was a solemn one as there were indeed no obstructions to her sight and for her mom to hers. Ellah’s mom calmed the house down with her measured presence. She spoke words of encouragement to her daughter, telling her that she was proud and loved her dearly. She conveyed messages from home adding that all was well; there was no need for tears.

She also, however, asked her “Stella” to take it easy on the “kissing” and refrain from playing a “bad game”, or rather involving herself in the smear campaigns that often took place inside the house. We reckon the warning had something to do with her bad romance with Idris. It was difficult but she held her tears back and turned to acknowledge the rest of the housemates. When the bell rang and her time was up it took everything out of Ellah not yell out “I love you mama” as she walked off, she later said.

During the freeze task she and JJ held hands as this was the pose they were caught in. Ellah thanked JJ for sharing that precious moment with her. He was only happy to and thought Ellah’s mom had been the best guest so far.

Ellah took her mom’s words in her stride – the good and the not-so-good. She was just thrilled to have seen her and accepted the fact that her mother was able to see a different side to her. She apologised, as you would to appease your parent, but she took the positive over and above. 

Last, but not least, Sipe got her moment with family. Finally it was her own mother’s footsteps that she heard traipsing through the house on the way towards her. After watching and sharing in everyone else’s heart felt visits from family, friends and lovers it was her turn to revel in her own home folk. Sipe’s mother lauched into the house live a diva announcing, boldly, where her daughter gets her feisty genes from.

Sipe’s mom walked shortly after Ellah’s which meant Sipe too wasn’t as prepared as she’d hoped she would. But this was the name of Biggie’s game; surprises, twists and turns when you least expected it. When Figgie told the housemates to freeze for the second time in a row Sipe’s mother, a striking resemblance to her, walked through the house to meet her daughter upstairs where Nhlanhla and Sheillah also lay.

A fan of the show she showered the housemates with love and encouragements after telling her daughter how proud she was of her. She brought word from home and reminded her to tear a page from Trezagah’s book and send a shout-out or two to family ever now and then. After feeling left out in the cold after Macky2’s special guest descended into the house recently a mother’s loving words and presence was just what she needed.

The Malawian lass was overcome by emotion as housemates complimented her mother on being the ultimate “swag queen”. She promised that the country would keep watching an supporting her and that she should continue to make her proud.

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