Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Pernod Ricard Modern Drama

This week's Extravaganza theme is 'a Pernod Ricard Modern Drama'.  Housemates will be provided with a character bible and a story outline for the modern drama. Using the character bible and story outline, housemates are expected to write a script in the form of a one act play which has to be in the style of either a modern Soapie or Nollywood movie with the stories based around a drink responsibility message.

The teams for the Extravaganza had to first be selected, with the help of a Big Brother ninja who would come into the house with the top hat and all the housemates' names inside envelopes in the top hat.

The Head of House was to select six names from the top hat and that team would be Team A and the remaining names of housemates would fall into the second team, Team B.

After the selection of teams, Big Brother's ninja would lead housemates out to the garden where housemates would once again roll the dice to select their story outlines and character bibles. Biggie said that housemates should note that in this week's Extravaganza, they were not playing for immunity.

Housemates would be competing for a special reward – the winning team would win a message from their loved ones.

Biggie kept on changing the game to make it more exciting and to demand different elements and skills from the hotshots. This week would express the hunger of housemates and their desperation to hear from their families at home.

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  1. I was enjoy naija movies where Desmond Elliot z featuring. big up naija from Zed