Wednesday, November 05, 2014

A Wine Affair

For Goitse, Sipe and Ellah it was to be a night spent drinking fine wine. Big Brother had opened the store room earlier in the evening and the women eagerly plonked the bottles on the kitchen counter and started pouring. Sipe announced, "We are wine tasting." However, Goitse merrily decanted generous helpings into their glasses and they tipped them back, not so much tasting as gulping.

On the topic of drinking, Mr. 265 lamented that beer made him dizzy. He decided that in the very near future he would not be drinking, but to him the "very near future" was when he hit his 80s. This got Samantha giggling, but any laughter stopped whenever Big Brother’s voice boomed through the house. Housemates worriedly hovered in space, wary that a freeze was upon them. Luckily, Biggie was only checking mics and Trezagah reminded everyone that they only got two freezes a day.

A group of housemates broke into song, keeping themselves busy as they wiled away the night trying not to go crazy. It did not seem to work, as JJ and Sheillah soon started shrieking jokingly at each other. They toyed with a new phrase, "going Sheillah on you", referring to her fiery nature. She started demonstrating what the phrase meant by screeching at Frankie. It was all in good fun, and he responded by saying, "I'll go Frankie on you." It looks like the comedy bug has bitten the housemates hard!

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