Friday, November 14, 2014

A Word For The Hotshots

We must admit that the housemates have had another taxing week especially with the loss of their 100% wager. Today they have had a happier day by the look of things and it seems all promise to let go of their stresses at the party. Housemates have also enjoyed taking selfies of themselves and it would be that they have largely been distracted by this task.

As we all know, Biggie is always watching and he called Sipe into the diary room to send word to the hotshots not to lose track. He said that he had noticed that housemates had finally been letting loose and began enjoying themselves as it should be in the house.

He reminded the hotshots that he expected them to be working hard for tomorrow’s extravaganza and that at a later stage they would be provided with props that they would use for the extravaganza.

Big Brother also reminded the housemates that they would not be competing for team immunity this week but that housemates would be competing for a chance to get a message from home instead.

Biggie was certain that receiving a message from home was a good-enough incentive for the housemates to ensure that they put on a magical performance with a serious and important message.

The housemates seemed to be caught up in the good day that Friday showed itself to be and did not bother grouping up to do serious work after the message from Biggie. Nhlanhla quipped that they could not loosen up and work seriously simultaneously. 

Tayo continued beating the drum and housemates in the kitchen joined him in making noise and dancing. Do you think the housemates have perhaps loosened up a little too much to take even the extravaganza seriously? Or is it the nature of this week’s competition?

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  1. Let them loosen up Biggy,maaybe they wil b entertainment in the hse,this season is so boring..hey..miss amplified.