Friday, November 21, 2014

All For Nothing

While Nhlanhla, JJ and Tayo were fuming about the exes, other Hotshots were doing their best to adjust to the situation. Idris was a lot more comfortable with his fellow Tanzanian, Feza, and even started cosying up to Vimbai. The latter, who welcomed Idris' attention, still warned him not to distance himself from his fellow Hotshots. Nhlanhla and JJ already seem to have rejected him from their former trio.

A new trio seemed to have emerged instead, comprised of Nhlanhla, JJ and Tayo. They continued griping outside, expressing their dismay at Big Brother's twist. The trio doubled with the input of Macky2, Trezagah and Sheillah. Nhlanhla said the twist felt like a slap in the face from Biggie, while Tayo lamented all the hard work they had put into the Extravaganzas, which seemed to have been for nothing.

Tayo said he was going to be brutally honest with Biggie in the diary room on Sunday, especially if it was to be his last session. JJ told him not to worry, that for all he knew he was the biggest thing on the continent right now. However, he also admitted to not feeling safe in the house.

When Uti joined the circle, they called him out about his joke with Nhlanhla. He pretended not to remember, but was apologetic nonetheless. The Hotshots, however, were visibly upset and kept on muttering about how worried they were.

The twist has caused drama and disconcertion, but it has also brought previous fighters together; just weeks ago Tayo had been fighting with JJ and Nhlanhla and now they were rallying together. What will their relationships be like once the joke is over?


  1. tayo the craziest housmate #TIA#

  2. tayo the craziest

  3. Tanzanians r peace loving people, imagine how idris befriend feza as if they've known each other for years. I would love to meet Tanzanian man to marry me. They r so handsome & good hearted. Idris will you please marry me. Lindiwe SA.

  4. Curious to know Tayo's level of Education. Coz he always speak nonsense/pointless..

  5. Tayo is d craziest. He has his flaws nd 4 me, he's d realest guy in da house. D truth is dat dis year bba is quite boring cos d Hm re too serious.