Tuesday, November 11, 2014

An Evening Chat

Dinner was served and the hotshots dug in. All seemed to be enjoying it so much such that Nhlanhla and JJ betrayed their diet. The two had decided to go off some carbohydrates and when Samantha served them with only beef and lamb curry, they started nibbling on Idris' pap and even asked for more.

As they ate, the boys decided that they would perhaps turn in early as they felt a little tired. Talk of sleep was soon forgotten as they had another helping, all the while praising Samantha's stew.

There seemed to be trouble in paradise again, between Nhlanhla and Sheillah. Sheillah was upset by Nhlanhla yesterday when he basically told her that she was messing with his game when she prevented the other ladies in the house from asking him to do things for them. Sheillah was startled by Nhlanhla's changing faces and decided that she would leave him alone.

Nhlanhla told the boys outside that Sheillah was still too young and that she acted immature. Idris chipped in, saying that he thought she was somewhat bipolar. Nhlanhla nodded at this as Idris described how Sheillah would randomly throw tantrums. Nhlanhla showed to be changing faces indeed.

It was interesting to also hear the boys talk about their futures and the types of women that they wanted. JJ said that he wanted a woman who knew life and Nhlanhla reiterated this, adding that she must not know money but life. Idris said that he didn't want his wife or kids to have any trouble. The boys clearly knew what they wanted in their women.

We were not quite sure about an early night as after dinner, the housemates began on some work for their presentation tomorrow.

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