Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Another Wager Win!

The housemates did Biggie proud and entertained him enough to win their 100% wager! They were excited at the win and celebrated, jumping up and down in utter excitement! Biggie tricked them by soon ordering them to freeze but quickly told them that he was playing with them.

This week housemates were challenged with developing skills in several styles of comedy. For the Wednesday evening task presentation, Big Brother gave housemates items that were to be transformed into wild, crazy and funny props. Housemates were also challenged to create a comedy music skit for the finale of the presentation.

After last week's win, housemate's confidence was raised and another 100% was wagered for this week. Big Brother provided housemates with ample references and direction for the presentation.

Housemates worked hard and took heed of Biggie's challenge to stretch themselves with their talents and put up a good musical comedy show! There was so much laughter as housemates were put into groups and pairs to act out skits and also get creative on stage individually.

The housemates made cracking jokes look so easy to do and yet we must admit that Biggie challenged their wit and forced out their creativity as they took props and created short and funny presentations for Biggie.

Biggie congratulated the housemates on their win and told them that the storeroom was open. In the storeroom they found ice-cream and alcohol which they wasted no time in consuming. Alcohol was mixed with ice-cream and the housemates enjoys the snacks provided.

Well done to the housemates! Good laughs are always welcome and it was good to witness the hotshots enjoying themselves and laughing into their 100% wager win!

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