Sunday, November 02, 2014

Arthur, Kacey Moore & Luis Are Out

It was a bitter-sweet time when winners of the Shadow dance/stomp extravaganza were announced and soon after the first evictee was sent packing out the house. Mamokebe Sekhukhune from the auditors, SizweNtsalubaGododo, came on stage with the envelop which contained the name of the first evictee. Sekhukhune confirmed that the voting results had been verified and soon after, IK crossed over to the housemates to give them the eviction news but before then, shared the results of last night’s Extravaganza winner which the viewers voted on.

The vote was between team Downtown Beats and Urban Pulse. IK congratulated both teams on an amazing display of talent during the Extravaganza and with that announced the winner. Team Downtown Beats won the Extravaganza and the members of this team were ecstatic but their celebrations were cut short as IK dangled the infamous envelop and told them he was ready to deliver the dreaded news. JJ was firstly made to stand up to reveal which housemate he had added to the list on Monday night in the diary room and he boldly called out Frankie’s name and stated that he felt he had no respect for him but that they had since sorted their differences.

All the nominated housemates werea sked to stand, Arthur, Sheillah and Mr. 265 were told to remain standing and Kacey Moore, Luis, Macky2 and Frankie were asked to sit. Arthur was told to leave the house as Sheillah and Mr. 265 were told to sit. Arthur hugged some housemates and left Sipe, Goitse and Sheillah crying. Arthur told IK that he had achieved so much by being in the house and that the exposure he got was the most important.

With Arthur already evicted, Biggie decided to send two more housemates home by announcing that tonight is a triple eviction night. There was the potential of Rwanda losing all of their representatives in the house as both Frankie and Arthur were up for eviction. However, Biggie wasted no time in breaking the hearts of Kacey Moore and Luis. I am sure that Kacey Moore's wife will be happy to get her man back in her arms and Mira will be over the moon to have Luis back in her waiting arms.

Rwanda, Ghana and Namibia all have one less person in the house to vote for. Biggie counted down their exit as there were hugs aplenty and more tears. Ellah was overwrought and wept openly, she clearly was very attached to Kacey Moore.

While the freshly evicted housemates made their way across to the live studio, Patoranking wowed the crowd with his dancehall hit "Girlie O." He showed his star quality on the biggest African stage of them all. The crowd sangs along and danced, loving one of Africa's biggest artists.

Kacey Moore talked to IK about him breaking down in the house. "I am the happiest man in the world, right now." He feels it is Christmas as he is now going to see his wife and child.

Luis was next up and he talked about More. Luis said that he has to go and find her and he has "not been in love for a long time."

Kacey Moore said that his best friend in the house was Ellah and he gave her a massive shout out. Luis then said that he thinks that either Idris and Tayo will win while Kacey Moore wants Ellah to win. The "model with the qualification" and Kacey Moore were coy at saying who they want out, Kacey Moore finally said Frankie, and Luis said Mr. 265 because according to him, "he is playing ming games."

With 10 Housemates out, 16 are now left in the running for the USD300,000 Big Brother Hotshots grand prize.

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