Sunday, November 16, 2014

As The Hour Approaches

The final hour is slowly drawing near and most housemates have packed their bags. Even Sipe packed her bags and said that she was used to doing it every Sunday so went ahead anyways. It was good to note that the mood was not downcast in the house as housemates got on with their business.

Today was Idris' turn to cook but the nominated housemate was not too keen to handle the pots. Mr. 265 came over to him and told him that he was hungry and Idris suggested that he prepare himself a sandwich. Mr. 265 was not impressed and complained that people on duty did not want to do the cooking. Idris said that if he was to cook, he would prepare nothing but poison for the hotshots. Idris was clearly feeling the pressure of being up for possible eviction!

The housemates seemed as though they were all packed and some went to shower, in their final preparations for the live show. Idris asked Samantha to help him with his cooking duty and she agreed after being showered with kisses on her forehead.

JJ also helped with the cooking in the kitchen and conversation soon got Idris' mind off the live eviction show. Things looked as though they were moving along swiftly as they chopped and got lunch on the way. Biggie announced that nominated housemates should pack their bags and Goitse responded back, telling him that they were already done with that.

Who do you think is going home today?

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  1. Sipe is a joke why did she pack her bags?