Friday, November 14, 2014

At Loggerheads

Once the quiet guy in the corner, Trezagah now seemed to be making his "clash" debut in the house. Screeching in on the left side of the ring was No-more-mister-nice-guy Trezagah up against "Boss Lady" Sheillah on right side. The two got at loggerheads last night when he and Tayo launched into a loud and hyper campaign of shout-outs. Samantha, Sheillah and Goitse were at the receiving end of their onslaught.

Feeling decidedly bombarded and subjected to their whims and vices Sheillah and the girls started to question whether it was all genuine. Samantha even went on to ask if, in hindsight, anyone could remember a conversation they had with Tayo when he wasn't performing for the camera in some way or the other.

Trezagah and Sheillah exchanged a  couple of heated phrases and threw buckets of insults back and forth. Later on Trezagah could be seen mouthing off at his boys about Sheillah threatening to put her in her place one of these good days.

Not to be bossed around Sheillah scornfully laughed it off when Mr. 265 suggested this morning, that she apologise to Trezagah. She would do nothing of the sorts and stood by her convictions as she enjoyed a hearty meal for breakfast. The way she saw things Trezagah was naïve and blind to the possibility that his buddy Tayo was using him as his hype man in the game.

Nhlanhla, while on her side, told her not to let it get to her as she would become their target. Nhlanhla and JJ also agreed that Tayo was using Trezagah and that their random spurts of sending shout-outs was lame and attention-seeking. For them validation from family and friends was tacit and they needn't solicit it every so often.


  1. Everybody has the right to play his her game

  2. Hey Trez man that was cool - at least for once you showed us the "animal" in you which we all have by the way! Tayooooooooooo found a team mate for once!!!! Team Macky2 .......umupondo kopala swaggar -

  3. JJ is a green snake in a green field. So fake and confused. Africa is watching

  4. why do you poeple want HMs to play your games please leave them alone they know themselves. those who talked a lot about Tayo &Macky2's issue are you not ashamed that they are cool at each other.
    As for me Macky2 is a swag and capable of winning as a hotshot. My top 5 are 1.Macky2, 2.Tayo, 3. JJ, 4. Ella, 5. Sheilla